The true story behind the Coffin Confessor and the Lost Boy of TSS
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What Makes Me Me?
Defined By What I Do or Who I Am.


IBSN: 978-0-6487738-0-1 


This book is a work of memoir and is a true story based on my best recollections of my own life’s events. Some names mentioned in this book have been changed in order to protect their privacy. In some circumstances, I re-created dialog to best match my recollections of those exchanges.

As for punctuation, grammar and spelling please note I have tried my best given my Dyslexia.

William Edgar


"Have you ever had a moment where you feel you can't do it anymore?

 Ever felt like giving up, life is just too hard. I ask you to read Bill's story it is truely inspirational".

R.K. Gold Coast Australia


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